4 Features that Make Decorative Security Doors Effective

You may be wondering how decorative security door producers manage to ensure that the twin functions of esthetics and security can be met without any compromises being made. Read this article so that you get a general understanding of which features improve the security provided by your front door without affecting its esthetic function.

A Decorative Grille

Security doors may be made from a very strong material like steel or wrought iron. A glass panel may be placed on this door in order to make the door more visually appealing. In order to ensure that the glass panel does not lower the security function of the door, a decorative grille made from a wire mesh or steel bars may be placed over the glass panel. The grille is usually in place by screws that cannot be removed.

A Peephole

Decorative security doors may also have a peephole that has a wide-angle (fish-eye) lens. This feature helps you to avoid opening the front door in order to find out who is knocking since such a move may expose your home to intruders. The peephole lets you see who is outside so that you decide whether or not to let people in.

A Shade Over the Glass Panel

A decorative security door may have a provision for you to place a shade or curtain over the glass portion of the door in order to ensure that prying eyes are prevented from observing what those inside the house are doing. This curtain can be opened to let in natural light during some hours of the day when you are at home so that the esthetic function of the door is not lost.

Decorative Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are rectangular. They are recessed inside the security door and the handles are installed through the door itself so that they make contact with the lock. This kind of lock combines security (recessed lock mechanism) with esthetics (different styles of handles). This enables you to get the best of both worlds—security and beauty.

As the discussion above shows, you do not have to put up with a drab appearance just because you are concerned about security in your home. You can purchase a decorative security door that has the features above and you will be able to have a front door that is beautiful and functional as well. Learn more about your options by visiting resources like http://www.safeguardindustries.com.au.

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