Ideal Cover Material Options for Cork Office Bulletin Boards

A pin board is an important accessory in the office environment because it facilitates the display of memos and other public messages. While online interactions and sharing forums are popular, a bulletin board is still the most reliable way to convey information in a closed environment. In simple terms, the product is highly visible and can be strategically placed in an area that all employees are likely to view every day. Additionally, the board will prevent defacement of the walls by direct taping of messages on the walls. Most pin boards in the market are manufactured from cork because it is strong, elastic, and highly durable. However, you may wish to change the visual appearance of cork panels. Therefore, consider choosing one of these cover materials to improve the aesthetic appeal of your office pin board.


Felt material is used in diverse applications, particularly in the craft and design industry. Therefore, it is a beneficial choice for improving the appeal of your cork bulletin board. Generally, felt is formed by compressing and matting fabric fibres together to form a uniform and strong surface. You can choose synthetic fibre felt made from materials like acrylic or natural alternatives, like wool. Felt can withstand adverse temperature, moisture, and dust buildup without damage. In addition, there are diverse colours to match your office requirements.

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium is not a traditional material choice for bulletin boards. However, it is an ideal choice, particularly in a modern, minimalist office. The clean lines of the material create a contemporary look that is popular in current commercial fit-outs. The metal is economical, strong, and not prone to moisture damage and mould growth like absorbent materials. You can also apply tape to the board and remove it without leaving adhesive residue. In addition, the foil surfaces are easy to clean periodically without damaging the pin board cover. On the other hand, handling foil roughly can cause unexpected tearing, necessitating replacement.


Wallpaper is a favourable material choice because of the versatile designs, patterns, and colours available. This product is cheap to purchase, and the paper can put up quickly. In addition, a good design will not show pin and staple marks. On the other hand, the wallpaper is prone to fading after exposure to the sun and will sustain damage from moisture. If these are valid concerns in your office space, you should choose plastic table cloth covers instead. These are equally inexpensive, and the plastic is stronger and less susceptible to most forms of damage than wallpaper might be. 

Contact a company like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd to purchase the pin boards you need, and then enjoy covering them to fit the design and needs of your office.

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